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Early Extinction 


Early Extinction And Prevent Great Damage To Earth.

We Can And Must Choose All Thrive Forever.

Early Extinction Books

Early Extinction Books Are Illustrated Science Fiction

Early Extinction books are illustrated science fiction books with a clear message. On our current path, humans and many other creatures face early extinction and Earth faces great damage.

Each book takes a different approach to how to convey that message. A different approach to convince humans to get off the current path and on to a thriving path. To stop being selfish. Stop being shortsighted. Stop being really stupid.

If and when humans stop being selfish, shortsighted and stupid, early extinction will be prevented. A thriving future will happen. Our choice.

These illustrated science fiction paperback book and ebooks are available for purchase via Amazon.com or as free PDF downloads below or @ GChris.com

Early Extinction

Early Extinction - Angel Comes To Save Earth

Humans and many other creatures face early extinction. Earth faces great damage.

Angel, a Whimsey creature from another world, to help save Earth and all its creatures.

Angel works with forward thinkers, with young humans, with plants and animals, and with all other humans.

Many try to help save Earth. Will it be enough?


Extinction! - The Failure To Thrive

In a future far too soon, Earth is dead. Earth’s human species is dead. Extinction.

Death came not from an external force. It came from within. From the human species who inhabited Earth. 

It didn't have to happen. It shouldn’t have happened.

Humans had so much potential. Humans were Earth's only species capable of achieving all thrive forever.

But it was also the only species capable of destroying itself and its home planet.


Xtinct - Universal Justice For Earth

Far, far away from Earth, Shepherd and Xtinct, black boxes at their sides, appear before the “Decider”.

The Decider is the powerful being who decides whether to apply universal justice to any world. Apply it to a species that threatens its own planet and all its other creatures. To a species that threatens other worlds.  

Earth and its human species face judgment.

Shepherd tries to help humans avoid early extinction judgment.


Thrive! - Escaped From Extinction

Since beginning of the universe, many wolds have thrived throughout their existence. Many continue to thrive. Some fail to thrive.

This is the story of one that thrived. One that thrived by its own actions. This is the story of humans. Their Thrive! Endeavor. Their escape from extinction.

This is the story of Earth. This is the future when all thrive forever


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Prevent Early Extinction?

 Choose All Thrive Forever!


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