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Early Extinction 


Early Extinction And Prevent Great Damage To Earth.

We Can And Must Choose All Thrive Forever.

Early Extinction!

We Face Early Extinction! We Are Fearful! We Are Angry!

We should see it in our faces and should hear it in our voices. We should start to feel early extinction coming. We should fear. We should be angry. 

We and future people we care about are on the path to early extinction. Some sooner. Some later. No one will escape if we remain on our current path.

We will move more and more quickly toward early extinction unless we fix what is broken and build a surviving and thriving future.

We are at tipping point when our future is most endangered and we are most capable in history.

But we are not changing. Definitely not changing positively enough. And so we face early extinction. Many other creatures face early extinction. Earth suffers great damage.


Fear! Early Extinction for All and Great Damage to Earth.

Current Path Is Early Extinction!

Early Extinction Video

Fear! Early Extinction!

Extinction! - The Failure To Thrive

Illustrated science fiction paperback, is available for via Amazon.com  or free download [PDF - 21 MB].

Copyright 2017.  Gary Christopherson.  All rights reserved.

Extinction! Video

 Extinction! - The Failure to Thrive - sci fi book
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Prevent Early Extinction?

 Choose All Thrive Forever!


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