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Early Extinction 


Early Extinction And Prevent Great Damage To Earth.

We Can And Must Choose All Thrive Forever.

Early Extinction!         Greatly Damaged Earth!

Our Future. Early Extinction? Thriving? Our Choice!

Be Fearful! Be Angry! Our Future Is Endangererd.

Our end is coming far too soon! 

Early extinction is coming. Early extinction for humans. Early extinction for many other creatures. Great damage to Earth.

Early extinction almost certainly will happen on our current path. Even on the best of our past paths.

Early extinction. Not a question of if. Only question of how soon.

Current Path - Early Extinction.  Thriving Path - Thriving Future.

Current Path - In recent years and on our current path, we have been and are on much faster path to early extinction. Using best path of past years, we could be on a slower path, maybe a much slower path, to early extinction. But we could do much, much better.

Thriving Path - A quantum positive change in path, like Thrive!, could put us on thriving future path. Change the future to a thriving future. Get us to a thriving future and avoid early extinction.

Our Future. Our Choice.

Continue our current choice ending in early extinction.

Choose wisely. Choose thriving future ending in thriving for all.

If you reject early extinction. If you choose thriving for all. Join with Thrive! Endeavor® to build and sustain a thriving future. ThriveEndeavor.org  

New “Don’t Choose Early Extinction!” Video

 As humans and many other creatures face early extinction and Earth is more and more damaged, the Whimseys Angel and Wiley come to Earth. They join the dinosaur at the United Nations who pleads with humans – “don’t choose extinction”. Angel and Wiley plead with humans to avoid early extinction. Plead that humans stop being selfish, shortsighted, and stupid. www.ThriveEndeavor.org www.EndangeredFuture.org www.Xtinct.org


Fear! Early Extinction for All and Great Damage to Earth.

Early Extinction Video

Fear! Early Extinction!

Our Future. Our Choice.

Future Choice of Humans and Earth Video

Future of human & earth surviving & thriving

Choose, Build And Achieve Thriving Future

Thrive - Building a thriving future
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Prevent Early Extinction?

 Choose All Thrive Forever!


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